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Get Bad Police Sketch Pics

From what looks like a child's artwork to some incredibly awful computer composites, these.

Get Bad Police Sketch Pics. Good luck ever trying to capture these bad guys. Hard to believe but police sketches have been around since the 1880.

Grani Arknights Wiki Gamepress
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These really bad police sketches take the cake as far as horrific and laughable renderings of supposedly human faces. Worst police sketch ever from r/watchpeopledieinside. Today we've got 20 of the worst police sketches ever.

French criminologist alphonse bertillon was the first to introduce them as a policing strategy.

But when it comes to professional artists, like, let's say, someone who's contracted by the police to sketch up potential suspects, you'd want someone with technical acumen. We've rounded up the top 10 funniest, bizarre, and downright frightening police sketches agencies have put out over the years. This as about as bad as police sketches get. Are these people even human?